Flawed Flawlessly

Flawed Flawlessly
Flawed by the eyes of the double standard
Flawed by the eyes of the ignorant
Flawed by the eyes of the perfectionist
Flawed I am
Flawed by industry standards
Flawed by worldly expectations
Flawed from birth 
Flawed I am
Flawed from the color of my skin,
The lack of smoothness embedded within my strands
To the thickness of my waist
And to the mirrors I must face
Flawed, I am
BUT I AM.....
Flawless as a child of God 
Flawless with the spirit like the sun
Flawless through the strength of Spartan blood
Flawless I am 
Flawless through my perseverance 
Flawless through my determination
Flawless in upholding thyself's standards,
Flawless I am
The only judge I see is the reflection of myself through my own eyes,
And rather than kill the spirit of God's living art, I let it thrive
I love my big lips and big brown eyes
And my soul child hair
To my chocolate skin that reminds me of a rich delicacy rather than a deformity, I find fair 
I am flawless in acknowledging that there's more to life than powder and brushes,
Why, an intrigued mind could get the same amount of men coming at your door step huffin and puffin
I am flawless in that I am like no other
I'd rather fill my own position
Than dedicate my whole life trying to fill another's


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