flawed and fulfilled


flawless is kind of a funny word in the sense that

when i discovered who i was and what i needed

relative to myself and my greater community,

ending my enduring search for perfection,

along with the study of texts and absorption of positive, enlightening

information, aided massively in my burgeoning acceptance of myself.


although i can imagine referring to oneself as flawless

(perfect) (virginal) (normal) (untouched) (pure)

(immaculate) (unbroken) (impeccable) (unblemished) (whole)

may very well be empowering as hell


but to me, the word flawless

erases my past and my scars.

it says that if i am broken, i am not perfect

and implies a certain purity that i find unattainable

i know i can never be positively perfect or absolutely flawless

i will always have something to work on.


embracing and enjoying about myself

the flaws pointed out to me daily

(crazy) (queer) (freakish) (psycho)

(dykey) (retarded) (disgusting) (slut) (broken)

was the thing that made me feel

most omnipotent and flawless of all.


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