Flaw-LESs ImAgEs

I am not the average girl from your video 

And I ain't built like a supermodel

But I learned to love myself unconditionally 

Because I am a queen

I  am not the average girl from your video 

My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes 

No matter what I am wearing I will always be


For as Long as I could remember I have seen brown in three ways: Not me 

Not good enough, Who am I to do that

Mentally flawed by design putting you before me is how I learned to be

Sitting here and being seen and never heard concealing the change that I am

To bring about Always sitting in doubt

Praying for strength fleeing from the challenge, yet I am never one to quit

Even when I am silent Sounds like a paradox that

Hits hard like rocks against my conscience 

Struggling daily from within trying to fight a battle that I seemingly can NOT


Steadily placing on foot in front of the other blindly searching in the dark

For a switch that will turn this shit off, turn off my insecurities that blind me

From seeing my soul

Holding on to that trash of yesterday praying that it turns into gold No maybe

Silver that yellow crap does not count much these days

Will I ever come to terms with MY value or will I continue to let you knick pick

At the things that don't make me YOU

In Lure of the absence of love, I knew not who I was becoming,

However once I began to open up to me

Loving me became easy

And in loving me my reasons for breathing changed, the sun

Took note of a brighter star moonlighting in the distance

I grew silent steadily growing in confidence I begun the journey into hearing 

The voice from within

Killing the noise that damned my win Victory is within my reach

Those pieces of my past are a must

What graces your eyes may seem flawed

And damaged which is just fine by me

But underneath this frame is a stunning piece of

Crystal that is far more precious Then rubies

More expensive then topaz or diamonds earthed as worldly treasures

My mind may be damaged from the brokenness of yesterday, but that doesn't

Diminish the fact that I have grown into a precious artifact

Tried, refined, sifted through, fired once again and let the process begin again

Until I have been refined into that precious metal However my worth is more then

That of gold or silver pieces because I have hidden sealed a way in the night

My mystery and yet

I still fight like a lion seeking its prey

I've redefined these blood-red images of pain

To get to the best part of this story

Finding Him that leads to the best victories and glories

No longer will these pages of hurt be categorized as ruin that project their

Way from their box to the center of your attention

These past images and memories are just that  the Past

Time out for silence let my Thoughts speak 

At day's end there is work to be carried out and not by the hands of Weak


For I thought I was alone However I was not nor had I tread this path in

Vain it was a lesson to reveal the truth in this matter Fear is the constant

Flaw that screamed and yelled bitch you can NOT do any of this at all

So scatter

SILENCE and let ME speak you hold no power over me

It's time out for this FLAWED logic and that can of 

Pure Bullshit for here I stood and now I stand to say that

Today is the day that I live for me and MY standards

And not by flawed fears' sake

I am not this hair nor Am I this skin what I am

Is the revived soul

That lives within 





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