Just cause my first mem'ry didn't find me in the ghetto

That don't mean that I didn't see problems right from the getgo

I insure you just like the gecko

That I did learn how to let go

livin like a flower droppin off all of my petals


backpedaling, in my skin like its melanin

on the blacktop i applied myself like a topical medasin

we want to be in the club, they wouldnt let us in

if we want to be good, theyd rather let us sin


is coveting sin, in the sense that you want what they have?

the innocence of a child wanting a mom and a dad

i never saw it wrong to want unity like what they had

until i saw the division it caused when you start to brag


the bag you bought, the ball you caught at the game

connections you got, all because you sought all that fame

the color of your skin dont really make a difference 

just in the time it takes for you to make an inference


privilege and oppression, its really just a suggestion,

its not so much a command like society would like to brand it

im robbin the rich of what they bragged and reprimand it

i unify the truth with proof, call me a bandit


i took all of the hits, but you gotta hand it to me

the spirit of the mixed culture rapper likes to speak through me

the taste of fame is kinda bland but it sure is chewy

like when you cant spit out the gum so you just keep on chewing


like when you know the coffee done but you just keep on brewing

or when the soup is cooked, you know but you just keep on stewing

when the calls already made but you just keep on booing

its so habitual, success is what i cant stop doing



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