The Flash, the Filter

The flash-

The filter-

It's how I hide.


The picture that everyone sees isn't me though

It's just a reflection of this person

That yes looks practically like me

But that mirror image isn't even close to being so.


If anything I become distorted through the edits and lighting

Such to an extent that I lose track of myself-

Who am I really?

That's the question that needs answering.


Maybe behind the picture

I'm this girl who has a story

I'm this girl who has a dream

I'm this girl who won't back down from the pressure.


Maybe without the filter I could be something more

I could be flawless in my own skin

I could be a world class explorer

I could be a warrior of an inner war.


Who am I really behind this flash?

I guess I'm just some shy brown eyed girl

With brown ringlets framing my face

Who's hiding in fear that others will reject me like trash.


The flash-

The filter-

It's not really who I am.

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