The Flaming Phoenix

Ashes and blackness and hate

Swirl around the little nestling

Struggling to survive the boorish world

It longs to have its fire created

But can never seem to bloom a spark


But the nestling persevered 

Through sheer willpower and strength

That no one could have expected


When everyone else would have given up

The nestling continued on through its plight

Knowing one day it could reach its flight

And feel its full claming spirit

As a lovely creation


The nestling has grown

It's wings have gone aflame

It's on the brink, ready to soar


And if you look at its form

It is no longer small and weak and sore

Instead, its scars are brave marks

Its wounds testimony of strength

And its eyes alight with the brightest of flames


I am the Phoenix who has survived Great Plights

I am poised to soar when my jail cage breaks

Ready for release, to soar the world with flawless strength


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