The Flames



Why is it always race

Why can't it just be us

If there's no faith in them

Then who can we trust


Should we start with ourselves

Each to his own

And count on no one

When we're all alone


Because that's what he did 

The innocent one

He put his trust 

In his aim and his gun


The color he wears

The color of skin

Should never, not ever

Be brought up again


Because he wasn't a cop

And he wasn't black

Just a man with his rights

Who was under attack


But the flash at the barrel

Ignited a fuse

On the keg of powder

That we call the news


The blast from the bomb

Washed over the land

Leaving its mark

Like the burn from a brand


One violation became

The excuse for the others

Even with the scorn

Of his father and mother


The flames will rage

From the fires you set

Buying up more

Of the innocents' debt


It's good that justice

Can cause you such pain

Since when you see it served

Then anarchy reigns


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