"The Flame" Part III

"I'm melting in your gentle arms

This is the sweetest form of harm.

Please hold me closer; your light is soothing

I'm lost in space, although not moving

And when I die, don't let me go

The snow will console all the woe."


"I ask, my love, if I should leave

My heart of flame is killing you

If not for fear, for love: reprieve

I'll leave because my love is true."


"The sacrifice is all I need, my darling

Please hold me dear, you're just a starling.

No one's loved my chill: this world's of fire

But it is your difference I admire."


With cold last words, the ice did pass

Into liquid, like sand to glass

The pool drowned her, caused quite a flicker

And so the room grew ever dimmer


He sent her into paradise

Behold: the flame who loved the ice

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