"The Flame" Part II

From a distance they discussed

The scorns of love and pain of lust

A fire burned within the room

An icy presence ever loomed

But their words were much the same

The ice was glad she over, came


And quiet years did pass them, then

The numbness of the ice grew lesser

They knew to love the other's sin

Still they loved; evil suppressors


As time drew by, the flame grew nearer

To hold her lover ever dearer

Accepting of her warm embrace

He knew there was no gentler place


His cold heart bled its blood of water

They dreamed of all the two could slaughter

To bring her bliss, an icy kiss, his shell would melt

Bleeding dry to set her free; send her to a starry belt


She felt unworthy of the sacrifice

Behold: the flame who loved the ice



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