The Flag

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 12:18 -- tajah

I pledge allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America,

They say this flag is a symbol for liberty and justice

Yet there was not justice for us

No justice for them

No justice

every 28 hours

That someone swore to protect us

Neglected their duties and became our predators

We didn't get these rights

That this America swore to us

But we got slavery


Jim Crow






Police brutality

Racial injustice

We got all that though

All from a country we didn't ask to be apart of

and to the Republic for which it stands

Their flag is made up of 7 strips of my people’s blood

The shackles and chains from the boats we were dragged off of

Still reek of white oppression

White power

White justice

But I could've sworn they taught us this country was for all of us

Failed to mention the

6 stripes for their people

Their hands cleansed and washed from all the damage they've done to us

But if you sniff hard enough

You can still smell the blood off my peoples back

Mixed with the leather they used to whip them with

The sweat of my people from the long days in the cotton fields

The tears from my peoples cheek every time one of us were lynched

So much for the liberty and justice we never got

one nation

I've come to realize that this flag was not made for us

This nation and republic was never made for us

We are only apart of the American people because instead of white people taking care of there damn  own land

My people were chained up and dragged here to do it for them

they had the nerve to say we were the lazy ones

under god

They suffocated my peoples rights with this flag

They hung my people on trees with this flag

All before burying my people with this flag


This symbol, this flag, this cape

Is only for the people who don't have to worry about wearing black hoodies at night and someone assuming you're a thug

The people who never have to worry about someone mistaken an Arizona can and some skittles for a gun

The people who don't get their heads smothered against pavement while they scream they can't breathe

The people who don't get killed for selling CD’s on the street

The people who don't get kidnapped and beaten to death all for whistling at lady in a convenient store

The People who don't have to worry about teki torch holding Neo-nazies terrorizeing their towns


The people who don’t have to worry about getting shot at 20 times

All because a cop couldn’t tell the difference between a cell and a gun

The people who don't have to worry about someone telling them #all lives matter

When in fact it neglects the fact that if in fact all lives mattered then innocent people wouldn't be looked at, treated as less than their worth

But you're already apart of the people in this country who already matter

with liberty and justice for all.

Is was never liberty and justice for all

It was liberty and justice for them

I'm sorry I'm sorry

I've seem to have offended some people

Let me start over

I pledge allegiance

I pledge allegiance

I pledge allegiance

I pledge

I pledge

I pledge


You know what?

Fuck your America

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My country
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