A Flag

A flag is something that does not change. It does not conform to the needs of a country, nor to its people to help them. It is a cold, hard reminder that the world cares for no one as individuals. To the world, we are how much money we make and how far we got in school.To others we are nothing more than the clothes we wear and the shape of our bodies.To the government we are the taxes we pay.We are nobody. A flag does not stand for freedom; it stands for confinement.It stands for conformity and for unconditional consent. It stands for everything I despise.  The world wants us to conform. To follow their lead and be their kind of beautiful.To be whomever they want us to be and never who we are.We are told to be who we are, and forced to be who we are not. So I do not pledge my allegiance to a flag, nor to the United States of America.I will pledge my allegiance to the morals and ethics my country was supposed to stand for, but never to a flag.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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