Drunk from the thoughts of last night,
I can’t sober up.
I’m falling for you, deeper and deeper the hole goes.
I can’t get back up.
Like a child sucking on candy,
It was taken up.

More beautiful than Michael...
Just putted me down!
Your eyes zap me from sanity
It’s time to turn down.
So I can gaze upon your little world
Even if our sky are falling down

With you, everything in slow motion.
Wat time isleft?
All guys in this wurld are jealous of me,
none them are left.
Girl, you dazzzle my soul into...confusion?
Should I go to the right or the left?

I ain’ta man that’s much too look att,
But i will love untill everything’s right.
i just maght blOCk the torndoe from you,
evin iff im throwed to the nixt naTion on the right
mAybe in...the laend of Eden, it willn’t...sooffice.
‘member: 3 rights maYke a left


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