Fiyero: A Love Letter

odd, quirky... naive some may think, but to me you're wonderful

your smile rights any wrongs you've made, and your sweet nature comforts me in a way I've never felt beforeyou step on the scale and grimace at the number but don't let that dictate your mood and consume your dreamsyou're beautiful to meyour arms strong enough to pull me back from every ledge I encounteryour chest soft enough to provide a pillow for the night, yet tough enough to house your heartyour pure, honest, vulnerable, and caringsome days you'll have to beat mine for me as well but you always manage as you cradle me in your arms until your coos and gentle sway lull me into a peaceful placeto be honest, I don't care how long we are togetherI'll remember how you've begun to help me shape my life during my recoveryslowly and deliberately as if pulling clay on a wheel, building my walls stronger and strongeryou know a more wealthy lifestyle than I have ever known, but never forget it was your caress and kiss beneath the stars that started it all when we began our journey togetherI love you, my dear Fiyero 

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