Five Senses to Remember

I want to see,

Pry her open wide,

See and watch memories,

Cry with her, not for her,

Look at her with genuine understanding,

Please, let me?


I want to touch her,

Rest my head on the shoulders that held many,

Press my forehead to hers,

Connect myself once more,

Please, let me?


I want to talk to her,

Give advice,

Converse till the new sun rises,

Say: “I love you”

Please, let me?


I want to hear her,

That sweet melodious voice,

Forever for all eternity.

The laugh that makes ears perk up,

Please, let me?


I want to smell her,

That perfume,

Sometimes a bit much,

Rolette’s Secret,

Please, let me?


Time has come,

I must remember:

The memory, touch, voice, smell, and words,

I can never live without,


Please, live forever?

This poem is about: 
My family


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