Fitness be Witness

Tue, 08/27/2013 - 21:22 -- EmmPhD

Drinking water like it's rum, pass the glass. Laugh, as we reminisce about life when it use to be a blast,
Now that's past.
Life is a new craze, the humming of a bird sings praise.
Yeah, that's us. But, not in the homosexuality kinda way.
Taking every new day in stride, my heart pounds with limitless amounts of pride.
You can't decide which style is better? How about being able to sleep at night and having each passing hour filled with pleasure?
This is forever!
I suffered to the very top. I won't stop. So keep that stupid mop, because I can make my own mess,
Clean it up without the damn dramatic stress.
List the press, my name is in newspapers. I'm gonna be famous, so these daydreams will keep me content until I can walk that red carpet... Listen up.
I got it all figured out.
Without a doubt.
Hear me out.


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