Fist Fight with Depression.


Depression creeps into the pores of my skin.  It carries weight and all it does is makes me want to sleep. 

It burries me into a hole that is very deep.  No one understands what I am going through. No one understands me.  

Life doesn't seem as precious as it used to. The colors that used to shine so bright are starting to fade. 

Everyone thinks that I am lazy due to the lack of activities in my life, but I just do not want to do anything. I just can't seem to smile again. 

All I know is depression is kicking my ass. Depression is the over aggressive teacher and I am failing the class. 

I try to crawl out of this hole that depression dug me into, but there's nothing to grip on to! Depression has me in a bind and suicidal thoughts are just on my mind. 

Can anyone else feel this pain? Because going through this alone is making me go insane. It's hard to stay awake. I told myself that I will only bend and not break because I am fighting this battle for my sake. 

How do I win? Where do I begin? Depression is a formidable foe and I don't think that I can fight it toe-to-toe. 

Maybe if I face it piece by piece, segment by segment. Maybe then I'll have a chance. Then I can give a long awaited victory dance. 

I can face my days minute by minute or even second by second if I need to. Maybe then this grey sky will convert to being blue. 

I am on no one else's time but mine. I will begin to shine, but just let me settle down and get some time. 

I'll prove to myself that I still have a spine. Depression has had it victories, but it's my time to fight back and get off my knees. 

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