The fish-made chain

Mon, 04/30/2018 - 13:13 -- tms

In the town of Mwasi,
There erupted amazement,
When the famous cat,
Wore a fish-made chain.
Cat eats fish,
What this means,
When the cat is satiate,
Turning fishes into a chain?
The rats were not uncertain,
That there was any danger,
Because the cat,
Was not after fish,
Meaning not after them too.
It was approaching election,
That cat joined rats,
Pretending to feel pity,
Of the problems of rats,
To stress this,
Cat left its car at home,
Walking on foot,
Real unity,
Was it so?
It was not until,
The end of the five year term,
That the rats realized,
The cat was not their friend.
The rats came to realize that,
The five year period,
Had made some of them dead,
Due to poor medical services,
Others in deep poverty,
All caused by the deception,
The deception of the cat,
That made them forget,
The problems facing them.
Talking the political leaders.

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