The First Time I Met You

I met you on a day that to some would have been perfect.

but to me,

that was the day I felt worthless.

I remember drowning in a sea of tears

trying to run away from my fears

I thought I lost everyone, most importantly me. 

I couldnt see,

past the lies that were being told

all the foolery that I came to know

and the pain I kept inside that turned my heart cold.

I lost a friend who I thought cared for me,

and when she left she took a peice of me,

best friends forever she told me she wouldn't leave. 

I felt every letter of the cruel words those kids spit at me

I felt broken like the branches on a Autom tree

I ended up blowing in the wind like the autom leaves

I never felt a warm and soothing touch like a summer breeze.

I was close to giving up and almost fell to my knees

but that's when you catched me.

I felt a certain enegry.

how my mind came up with different metaphors and similies.

reminding me of music how I could make my own melodies 

poetry then became my remedy.

the way my pen danced acrossed paper was like magic

poetry became a passion

and because of it I can do things now that I never imagined.

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