At First But Then...

At First But Then


At first sight, I looked at her and I thought to myself was it safe

At first glance, even her name, Verbolten, said don't touch

At first, I walked up to her and turned around breathless, heart beating fast, pounding out of my chest

At first, she had me shaking in fear towering over me, curvy, shiny and moving fast

At first, I walked up to her determined to conquer but fear had other plans and it whispered in my ear, “don’t go for her name even meant FORBIDDEN"


But then I gained the courage to walk slowly towards her

But then I remembered I'd heard I could do all things and continued to move closer

But then I took some deep breaths to calm down and persevered

But then I walked right up to her and sat down


At first, she held me captive I couldn't breathe my heart was pounding but then I conquered her

I walked right up to her sat down and anxiously waited with every tick, tick, tick,

But then I mastered it I rode the Verbolten roller coaster with the most delight possible and she became my friend


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