First Prom Night

Flashing lights

Everything bright

So you can bring your one and only and just dance the whole night

Or maybe you're just friends, in between or another

and at a pretty mixed school I think there's lots of color

from skin and


Suits and


Shoes and

Messes of high school

Relationships packed inside 1 single room.

Nowadays all of the kids start


With a little


Till’ we gather round a student who somebody said is


Till’ the vibe dies down, and you look around,

To see these fancy students jammin to the popular sounds.

And I think, “Oh, shit! Is this the high school life?”

No it’s not, it’s just a light in a dark year of strife.

But that doesn’t make it bad just remember this glance

At social happiness

Cuz’ you’ll never

Get another chance.


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