The First Pages


United States

The first pages seemed so good,

my heart was warm from a feeling so new,

a different smile,

time became worthwhile,

number one on my speed dial,

connection grew stronger,

nothing could make my emotions a bomber,

a lover i never knew i was,

he broke me out my covered shell of lust,

his touch became everlasting,

my adoration for him grew fastly,

north and south pole magnets,

we were inseparable,

secrets came out,

obviously they were undeniable,

pages became unwritten,

sentences were now unfinished,

maybe i should ask Adele if i should just keep chasing pavements,

or should i give up,

on a love i thought i could trust,

i'm disappointed because there’s no more pages to write,

its not my fault the book didn't have a chance to continually ignite.


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