First Letters

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 22:42 -- Mbinya

Mother Dearest,


You Are My Teacher.

Of All The Callous Lessons You Have Taught Me,

Unmistakably, You Have Taught Me – to read – And ­


How To Love. Love Should Be

Unrestrained – first – Easily Given,

Reaped By All Who Come In

To Contact With You. You


Made Me Realize Love Should Not Be – letters –

Eaten, Or


Devoured, Or

Even Spoken. Love Should Be Felt

Even Heard, In Our Voices. Love Is Not

Pain. – understand –

Eventually, I Learned. Through You,

Roughly, I Have Learned


That, Oh, I Must Say It,

Hear Me, – eventually – Mother, Please,

And Forgive Me. I Do

Not Wish For You To Misunderstand


And Drown In Sorrow,

Nor Do I Wish For

You To Misunderstand My Kindness.

Oh Mother, Dearest Mother, – please –

No More. I Love You Dearly And

Eventually I Wish You To


Hear My Reluctant Cries Of Love




This poem is about: 
My family


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