Hush this innocent sleeping voice,

as mother rocks u to the sweet and calming timber of her song.

A teddy bear sleeping in a corner will dance the light in the room,

give u a plump little kiss.

The tinkering strum of sleeping violins.

The humble pitter patter of little feets chasing away the dark.


Its our secret dream,our secret heart,our secret wish.

May u dream of fireflies in the midnight sky,let mother take

those fears away and give u peace.

Each night you close your eyes dust will comb

the lids of your dreary eyes.

Let the faint whisphers of the cadle take u away.

Under this tree of giving life u will recieve

this little song a gift from mother to child.

Under this night sky I will hum a lovely lullaby,

for u my sweet little flower.

Let mother rock u under those heavenly skies.

My gift from mother to child.


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