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41° 5' 54.7656" N, 74° 23' 38.1624" W

The fire that shimmers and turns in the night,
dances across my face and in my soul ignites
the courage needed to answer that call.
When someone's in trouble there's no time to stall.

We suit up in gear and pack in the truck
hoping we make it there and praying for luck
For people need us and are fighting for their lives
against the inferno that is a demon in disguise.

See fire needs food and air to survive
and your house supplies the environment to thrive
you're trapped in your room but no need to fear
me and my buddies have just arrived in gear.

We are ready and trained for combating fires
we can find you in your room with no maps or fliers
It's our job to get you out and into the clear
in our experience you'll probably shed a tear

But hush now child there are no thanks needed
knowing you're alive means that we've succeeded.
We take an oath and some of us may fall
but we'll always be here, waiting for that call.



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