The Fire Inside

There was a fire inside of her
that she just wouldn't put out.
It burned to be set free; 
to escape from the cold depths.
She couldn't let it go,
for once let out, it would never come back.
She longed to set it free,
to hit someone,
to be someone,
something else,
and to have that passion,
but she couldn't let it.
The moment she did,
it would turn to a rampage.
Something that couldn't be stopped;
something that would never be caged.
But this fire in her heart
burned for a time.
Never to be put out;
never to be taken away.
It could never be squelched 
by anyone but her.
And she would never 
let it stray.
It would forever be
a part of her.
This was the fire
set inside her hand and her heart.


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