Fire and Water

Wed, 07/13/2016 - 19:51 -- HDW006

I am fire
admired for my beauty and strength
but bound to my area of birth 

until I am blown away from your presence 

smelling of smoke and death.

You are water
who replenishes the Earth
and its creatures with your wonders, 

but you can disappear so quickly 

like a forgotten memory.

From the beginning of my life, 

I was admired for my kindness and warmth

Until I began to realize that I inflicted hurt

upon those who became close to me. 

As I began to grow, I began to burn more and more things that I loved.

It was only until new things grew that I realized I wasn't the destroyer, 

But the reviver of life. 

I'd rather be the reviver and destroyer of life
than to be water,

fought over and over just to be used
since you are growing rare from
the very hands who want you.

I'd rather smell of smoke and death
rather than nothing at all.
If I could be beautiful, kind, and reviver of life
I'd rather smell of smoke and be the destroyer of life.


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