The powerful heat is overwhelming.

Even the smallest spark of light
Can quickly become a danger

Destructive oranges and grays dance into my vision
They seem to make sure to keep me from seeing you

You once spoke to me about power
Told me I was powerful
That my power could change this world

That’s how you described my eyes
An ambitious spark, always shinning bright
A flame that could never be scorched

You never saw it, but I always knew
A danger swelling within
A danger slowly seeping out into the world you said I could help

I tried to warn you
But you never believed
My power is not as helpful as it seems

I am destructive, like fire
Seemingly harmless, but suddenly sparking into danger
The unbreakable light in my eyes finally begins to fade

Because even with all of my power
I’m still too late to save you
I lost you, and I am the only one to blame

So now, all I feel is pain
I watch the ashes fly freely into the sky.
Wishing I could join them
And escape this burning pain

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