The Fire


United States
40° 32' 39.102" N, 122° 27' 42.1236" W

To ease the heart that aches,
To dull the pain from when it breaks.
To silence the soul that cries,
Each time a piece slowly dies.
To drown the sorrows that refuse to fade,
Helpless to deny the bottle that bades.

Yet each drop that falls to slowly numb,
Only causes a fire to grow.
There comes a time when each must sow,
Must reap the sins they did befall.

Each bottle brought solace for a moment.
Each drop did dull the pain for a time.
But slowly the flames did grow,
Each drop feeding the fire.

The day then comes when the ache doesn't matter,
The pain is forgotten,
The soul cries silent tears.
Not even the man dwells there,
Only a shadow.
Only the fire remains.


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