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How come we can't belive nor will we receive the golden medal of grace? Is it because

we can't pin point a gift or talent, or we've ran astray? Or maybe it's because we can't

see past our own reflection, yet He looks at us with so much love and affection and simply

asks one question... Are you willing to run with Him? It’s like we've been assigned two laps

to run and Jesus, Himself, has already ran the first one, but before the baton is even passed

along we begin to worry about how we'll finish, and the selfish embedded within us loosens

itself from wisdom. The very thing that softens our harshness and our nonsense keeps us

distracted from catching the smallest of foxes, so our vineyards of grapes are replaced with

the roots of fear... fear of failing to succeed at things trapped inside the mind of a prisoner

who is free. It consumes the spirit of those who hide behind closed doors despite holding

the keys. And to those with the fear of complacency are standing in an ocean of it... and

the fear of imperfection while being perfect isn't the motive.. All of the divine endowment

gets us caught up in who we are... instead of who He is. We evaluate our strengths so

much that we forget who we are running with... when the point is, we don't have what it

takes to "finish" that's what He promised to give us the rest we need and to be the air we

breath. He says "My yoke is easy and my burden is light", but rest isn't needed for those

who don't at least put up a fight. If we never take a step, never stop feasting on lies or exercise

then how can He ever change anything that's on the inside? Simplicity is the concept, but we're

so focused on the complexity of near-sighted objects that we just can't think about how

much we would accomplish if we abandon the fascination with self-righteous options or

"what's best for me" ... because the presence of the Lord won't manifest unless He's

confident that you won't try to take His glory. In this race, the boundaries won't always

lead you straight, in fact, sometimes He'll have you dancing all over the place, but when 

learn to run for His purpose, the weariness we once felt will seem SO worth it. And when

we chase after His dreams our hearts will beat faster for a number of things... until one

day we reach the gates and hear words of good merit... not only for finishing the race, 

but for limping through the pain of broken spirit.


x Alliyah Warren


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