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Each day is like a race to the top
But it's not our pace that is set
It's our job not to stop
At any means not even if we cease to sweat
People falling left and right
Because of theft and sin
We start to lose our sight
Just so we can win
But in this race we face
It is not us who set the pace
The world with its views
And the hierarchical top few
The race we cannot finish
Just because our faith has diminished he is the only ending worth the fight
But does who is left want to do what's right
If it means eternal life without any strife
Because when his son died on the cross And paid the ultimate cost
With those finishing final words
He ended the end of days
Started a new slate for the worlds
As his children left his gaze
His last words known to every linguist
Dying breath "It is finished"

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