Dear Society,


I demand to be heard.

My lips sutured

and limbs frozen

but my voice sounds,

burns with the intensity

of a white hot sun,

pushes past my defenses

with the pressure of the

depths of the ocean.


My thoughts run laps

around my head

like so many eager children,

tapping on my temples,

scratching at my skull.

The nails of my ideas

are eroding

the vessel of my mind,

hoping to be free.

Images indent themselves

inside my irises

swirling away as I sleep,

as I dream fantastical

worlds and spectacular



Awake and my actions

explode from within me.

Listen, learn, love

and never let anyone

walk away with a sour

taste on their tongue.

I venture into the world

routinely and hope to

return changed

and enact change in return.


I demand to be heard.

Whether you hear my

words or my actions,

I must leave an impression.

Someone will remember me

long after my bones are dust

and my soul has been

whisked away by the

winds of eternity.

I vow to leave my

fingerprints on the malleable

consciousness of those around me.


Audibly yours,



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