The Finest

You're the desert that's been saved for the end.

You're the girl whose will won't bend.

You're the girl with a huge heart,

Who people will look at and want to be apart.

You're a blessing that's yet to give,

You still have a huge life that's to live.

You're the record that no one can beat,

You’re a girl who doesn’t cry in defeat.

You're a girl who's fought her greatest demons,

You have gone through troubles - people haven't even seen 'em.

You're a girl who will inspire,

You’re a girl that will light the fire.

You're a girl who makes things great,

You’re a girl to whom I wish I could more relate.

You've gone through so much – much more than me,

And you're so, so strong, is something I hope you can see.

If you need anything, here I’ll always be.

I’ll take care of you. Love you girly.


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