Finding Purpose

The summer of 2016

A summer fulled with the purest form of joy I have ever experienced

A summer spent with the people I love

A summer with adventures around every courner

A summer abundent with new experiences

A summer of stepping out of my comfort zone

A summer of exploring the unexplored

A summer spent meeting new people

A summer overflowing with laughter

A summer of striving to make a difference

A summer that changed the way I looked at the world

A summer I will never forget.


This was a summer of enlightenment

A summer that has made me relize

How important family is,

How much I am loved,

How to appreciate the things I have,

How it's ok to be different,

How we need to take risks every once in a while,

How to overcome fear of the unknown,

How to prevail through hard times,

How death is something that should not be feared,

How beauty can be found in everything,

How everyone deserves to be loved,

How to value other's lives more than mine,

How little things can make a huge impact,

How little time we have on this earth,

And how to distinguish the things in life that are insignificant and the things that trully matter.



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