Finding the One You Love

Mon, 08/12/2013 - 20:55 -- Anesiam


When you find the one you love you will know,

Your eyes start to twinkle and your face turns aglow.

It's a feeling a serenity that pumps from the heart;

Like your living two worlds that you know are apart.

Compassion, care, and trust woven deep in the foundation

Promises a beautiful, long lasting, and spiritual combination.

When things get tough and theres is no way out, 

Trust in love and the one that you truly devout.

You may have your times where you both disagree 

But you have to remember that your heart has no return key.

And the one you have chosen, you have chosen for life-

To bond the the two souls of a man and a wife.

There is no feeling more than when your held close

By the one you have chosen and love the most.

My advice before looking for the one you love:

Make sure they're sent from God above.






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