Finding Myself

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 14:41 -- madrw51


371 Dater Run
United States
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As I came home from school I had so many questions on my mind

Life was coming at me too fast but I was still on my grind

I had to figure out my future, before it was too late

People have all these huge expectations, but I’m starting to hesitate

No I’m not nervous I just feel like I’m going to fail

Then they’ll be disappointed and I’ll have to explain why I didn’t prevail

I pray to God everyday

Hoping he will pave the way

I thought about giving up at that time

But something was driving me, making me want to work overtime

I got down on one knee and looked at the sky

Tears streaming down my face I didn’t know why

I whispered “Lord help me to find myself because I’m struggling right now “

"Please you have to help me somehow"

"Man this year has really bought a lot of scars"

"But thank you for getting me this far"


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