Finding My Place

As humans, we desire to feel like we belong,

To be with people who make us feel strong,

As humans, we desire to feel acknowledged,

To have others accept us and our vibrant knowledge. 

That is one thing that I truly desire,

To know what it is like to be respected and admired, 

I would search far and wide looking for a lover, looking for a friend,

Only to leave myself disappointed in the end.

I am an outcast; I do not easily fit in,

It is something that I have denied for years, even though I know it is true from deep within.

I have never had a "main" or "best friend" or a "go-to" person that I can fall back on since the 6th grade,

With every passing person that I would meet, our bond will form only to inevitably fade.

I used to think that there was something wrong with me,

I would try and please everyone that I would meet in see,

That was how I was raised by my parents, unfortunately, 

That I never knew who I truly wanted to be. 

So here I was, having no idea who I was and what I was looking for throughout middle and high school,

It led me to try to fit in with people that I thought were meant for me, only for me to look like a fool,

It took a long time for me to finally see,

That I had no substance, what was there to like about me?

I spent too much time trying to please others, I didn't know myself,

I cared more about people's opinions more than my own health,

I would be the one to check in to see if other people are okay,

Without making time to care about myself at the end of the day,

I needed a personality, needed a life, need goals,

I needed substance to fill my life full of empty holes,

Thus, I went on a journey to find some interesting activities,

Activities with possibilities becoming a part of me,

I went through football, French club, and even chess,

But there was one activity that stood out to me from the rest,

This activity was one that I happen to stumble upon by chance,

This activity, this possibility, was getting into dance. 

Dancing is a powerful visual art,

There is quite a bit about it, I'm not sure where to start,

From the jumps, and spins, the footwork and stances,

I invested my time of learning different styles of dances.

From funky grooves to intricate isolations,

I learned how to dance without any hesitation,

I learned styles like house, dancehall, bboy, and popping,

As well as tutting, waving, body control, dancing for hours without stopping.

The more I danced, the more I fell in love with the acitvity,

I could feel dance filling up the holes that were inside of me.

Now this poem is not about how I found about dancing, I did not lose my trace,

It is how dancing helped me find my place.

Dancing has helped me learn a lot more about my body and my mind,

It helped me discover myself more than when I was blind.

Dancing has helped me learn what I like, don't like, the way I talk, the way I think,

It helped me lift myself up when I was stuck down in a dark sink.

Dancing has helped me learn my personality, the way I move,

It helped me express myself through every step and every groove.

Dancing has filled up my holes; it has made me complete,

Dancing has made me a whole person, as profound as the beat. 

However, dancing has made me realize one thing, 

It was to first accept myself, love myself, know myself, to feel like a king. 

It has given me a sense of value that I have never felt before,

It has helped me validate myself instead of going to others seeking for more.

Through dance I have learned to be my own person,

Through dance I have made myself a very unique version,

An individual who has his own thoughts, dreams, and goals, 

An individual who does not rely on others to fill in his holes.

No more do I have to insert myself in places where I don't belong or please people,

Since I belong in me, in a world where I do not feel so feeble.

No more do I have to wait to find someone who was made for me to feel like I belong,

Since I belong in me, in a world where I always feel immensely strong. 

No more do I have to feel like I don't belong here,

It is through dance that I feel welcomed, and I hold that preciously dear.

Now I am a man that is full of life and substance,

I am a powerful individual with a very powerful presence,

Now I am a man that loves himself unconditionally, 

I am a powerful individual who does things passionately,

Now I am a man that feels very, very, grateful,

For dance giving me a life that leaves me very thankful.

It is through dance that I have had a change of face,

It is through dance that I finally have a place.



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