Finding my Loss

I cant find love, it seems hidden behind kisses that take your breath away

behind hand holding and sweet smiles

I cant find love, it only consists of the first few weeks of infatuation

then becomes meaningless echoes of "i love you"

I cant find love, some say it grows stronger the longer you hold on

it just prolongs the time it takes to become heart broken

I cant find love even though i look dead into faces

i search hearts desperately with tears in my eyes and what ifs on my lips

I cant find love rather its security or a sense of belonging

rather its at first sight or through friendship

I cant find love, its like the fountain of youth

no one has it but would like to claim they do

I cant find love so id rather just stop looking cuz everything iv ever heard has been a lie

now i dont believe it exists just false interpretations of what it is


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