Finding my Light

I can see myself in others,

but I must not lose sight of who I am.

This is my journey.

My unique fire.

It is my responsibility to find my passion

and to heal my wounds.

However, I must not fear seeking for help

I must not fear accepting the love I deserve.

My avoidance and redirection will always bring me back to the root

Because nothing lasts, but how often do things really end?

I grow, I grow, and I grow

to transform into my truest self

The me who sees me in me.

I shine brighter.

I speak louder.

Loving every inch of my body

because I honor my boundaries

and set fire to the rules and restrictions.

I am not here to conform

I am more than what we were taught,

What was shoved down our throats as the truth

My truth comes from my ancient portal that has

been passed down by my mighty matriarch.

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