Finding the Light in the Sky


United States
26° 9' 5.13" N, 80° 13' 35.598" W

Sometimes I feel lost in the dark
But I can hide it with a smile
And wait for the stars
Before reaching high
Challenges. My plans are like fogged glass
And nothing is new

My many failure require a new
Approach to my problems, but dark
Thoughts of failure and fear are as sharp as glass
In my mind as Passivity smiles
Above me, look down from up high
In the Kingdom of Stars

Nothing gets done when you count on shooting stars
That only take you so far and just twinkle. Shame isn’t new.
In the sky so high,
Empty and dark.
The eternal unattainable smile
Forever encased in invisible glass

My needs are as clear as glass
But the number of method match those of the stars
Giving me not reason to smile
Not reason that is more than new
I stumbled, blind and dark,
For a bar that’s set too high

Sometimes I think the tide is too high
Or that I walking on glass
Or that the road is too dark
Or that I can’t trust the stars
Or that my issues are too new
Or that I can’t do anything but sadly smile

But sometimes I think a smile is
Enough for now. Someday, I’ll aim high
And end up somewhere new
I’ll break the glass
Ceiling, kiss the stars,
And leave behind the dark

Now when I smile, my heart is clear as glass
For my place will be high up with the stars
The new hope shields my from the world wild and dark

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