Finding Hope In The Perilous Night

Sat, 06/15/2019 - 22:50 -- ddade18

Day by day

I look in anguish

Just to hear them say

There is nothing wrong

Be grateful for what you have

Stop listening to that sad song

One question will always remain

what is the point to life?

It drives me insane

Voices in My Head

Telling me about the times I wasn't good enough

Evertime I lay in bed

Repression was my only tool

Try, and try I would

But all it did was make me a fool

I stand there encircled in the pains of my past

Creating self inflicted wounds 

Could I cover it with a cast?

Could I cover It with a fake smile

What about a sense of humour

But it only lasted a while

I try, and try, but nothing works

I try everything to fill the void

No matter what, it still hurts

The memories, the past

The regrets of my self-distructive engima

The light, when will it come at last?

I ask, when will the wretched voices in my head vanguish

When will a hero come to take me out of the melancholic abyss

Waiting inaction in anguish

Day by day

I wait for someone to save the day

Then I heard a voice say

Only you can set yourself free

At that moment I realized

That the chains had been made by me

My own suffering, my own destruction

Had been caused by my mind

Only then, did I have reconstruction

I'm finally set free

By no means was it easy

Unlike Abc's, and one, two, three

But now that I have Have a new perspective

I have realized my true potential

No longer will the lies in my head be effective

What I know now that I didn't know then

Was that if I let go off the past, just forgive myself

I would then find my zen

It is hard

I fight day after day

But I have surely gotten far, as I let the pain discard.

The moral of the story is 

If you want to set yourself free from the abyss

Than self-forgiveness, and gratitude is bliss



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