Finding God


Finding God is impossible

No one can proclaim that

God created the heavens and the earth

That is ridiculous, for we should realize


Is the truth

Creationism, and Christianity

Is a derision

Hatred and ignorance

Is key

What the bible says

Is not important

Living for money and power

Breeds wisdom

Having faith and praying

Can’t work

Stealing and killing

Is the right thing to do

To love

That is outrageous

no one loved me.

we can never say

That there is a god


We may really believe these things, but what if we reconsider…

(read from bottom to top )



Don't get confuse which one do you believe satan or God. "Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that the lord is lord". "Whosoever believe in Him shall have everlating life."


Wow! You did really good! The poem works either way you read it!


two ways to see it. I like it.


Love this poem! Great Job! Faith, its a journey full of both dark barriers and shining gateways...This is a beautiful poem. 


There is a God. I'm a witness to his power and what he can do for sinners coz he helped a sinner like me. Now keep in mind he knows everything in advance before it happens and he still chose to show his mercy knowing I still wouldnt live a perfect life the way he would after he found me. Believe in Jesus the son of God. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. U won't regret it.


WOW simply amazing! your writing is beautiful and creative. Loved it! :)


I love this :)


omg :) wow that is great. I read the standard way at first, and was dissapointed that one would feel like that, but thought it could be a satire. Reading bottom to top, i was like, woah. A wonderful orchestration :)


Absolutely loved it!

Thank you, I am in shock, wow it's amazing and powerful.


THIS RIGHT HERE IS GREAT NESS!! what an awsome poem and very creative this is true talent. I would love to read more of your work


Really great poem!


I had quite the fright when I read your poem from top to bottom. I was outraged! But as soon as I read your bottom note I smiled. I've seen things like this on Facebook and I want to thank you for writing an original (and using a word like 'derision'). My only critque is of the capitalization you used at the begining of every line. I'm aware Word does do that automatically, but I personally edit mine so that capitalization only occurs after the proper puncuation or for personification. Thank you for shaing though, and please continue to use your gift of writng to tell others about God. It's very important. :) 


Wow I have goosebumps! Lol

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