finding friends abroad and loving thyself

When I was younger, I used to think guys

Needed to make me smile

I thought boys completed empty parts

Parts that first became bruised

With everyday, oppressive living


But then I grew up

I started to learn

Started to see the world

And give this heart, a little more to look forward to


Tapas and adventures, including night walks in my city

My city of Madrid bringing the first fully happy smile, in a while

Brought peace and less stress

Love and joy from and for my friends


All back in our States,

A life changing experience for all of us

Thankful it was with you all

The memories and our lives now makes me smile


Airplanes flying over, each and every day

At Sunrise,



And Sun set.

And nothing beats our Arizona sunsets


A no-meat diet, making

It difficult to pick food outside of home,

But that’s less money to spend,

And that makes me smile


Being creative, “work with what you got”

Homemade meals it is

Today was homemade tacos,

Simply for taco tuesday

And that makes me smile


My roommate, aka my brother

Coming home to family

Just like my madre wanted

In a world full of people

Keep the ones you trust, close

Blood over water,

That’s what my mom said


And I've been happier in my ways

Living according my desires, choosing what’s best for my style

Even in small mistakes, finding what works after a mess

I’ve lied and I’ve learned

and I’m on this search

Of finding myself

Opening chakras

Living in the best ways, to look after this earth


Twenty-one, and eyes open

Stay woke, women and men

It took time, but I’m waking up

Still a got a way to go

But I’ve started this road,

Family and myself first


I know I feel good

I see the difference in my work

It’s been destined since birth

I’ve finally found my worth.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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