Finding Epiphany

When I'm feeling tired  And uninspired           I turn on my location And look for motivation. But the road to success and the address               To Happiness is a journey Not a destination. Some say Life is What you make it Depending on              Where you take it So I look around And inspiration is abound Yet not easily found Though it's right there   In our faces. Like an aspiring Poet Staring at a blank page Searching deep inside For the right words to say. Full of potential              Like the Painter's Blank canvas Or the Potter's clay. Both need inspiration To bring forth creation. So here lies the task     We are facing. Then in an instant An idea came! And like a flame it grew Into a fire pushing me To reach higher And never tire           Creating something new! Inspiration is everywhere It's in the waves Of the ocean It can be heard Like the birds Soaring through the air.                  Found between the pages Of a good book Or in your favorite song With the catchy hook. Seen in the eyes Of a ghetto child Looking for a reason To smile.                 It's anywhere And everywhere When we remove All doubt and fear That keeps us blinded It is only then That we can find it. So if you seek             To Live a Life that's True You must find and Do What inspires You.

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