It's for the release.

It's for the rhyme.

It's for the rhythm.

And falling away from time.


I write for the freedom.

I write to bind.

I write to lose myself in a world of black and white,

To see the colors rise up in a prism

From pad to pen,

To hear the music ring,

From the flowing script.


I write to remember

In memories of ink and well worn paper.

I write to foretell

A future unknown.

I write to be heard,

Words as quiet as a whisper.


I write to believe 

In courage found in beautiful words.


I write to fly

Through the cell window of the world.

I write to soar 

Right into the dreams of the heart.


I write to write.

In the pen I find solace.

I write to write.

In the words I find me.




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