Finders keeper

She was so weird acting, as if she was holding back.She never would speak unless spoken to, and when she did it wasn't her, she wanted it to be her but herself was lost.She went on journey to find it, and she still tries.

Many could ask if it wasn't herself, who is she? She's a girl, that will grow into a woman because she is female.

She carries a white rose in her temple between two stands secured for herself, and her forever. She is the richest, and drips of deep melanin.

Her temple was built by the finest hands and protected by Gavreel and Sariel,they were incharge of mainting peace and control.

Her temple is designed with defined curls, long curtains over tented windows,and the paint on the temple was uneven with scratches on it, but it was so perfect.

She is not who, but what herslf is, because the outside doesn't define her at all. Although being lost, herself was an artist.

She would paint,draw or drum and it brung out the best in herelf.When that happens the temple glows up gold, Rumor has it that when it's really glowing, the soul is rejoicing hersef is soon to arrive.

She found herself about a year later, she was in love.Her new temple standed tall ,shimered black and gold, and now when she paints,draw or drum she no longer glows, but inspires. The temple was given the name Destiny, and was crowned royalty.

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