Find yourself in 34 months: Story of me

I was bright eyed and my heart was full and bursting with a love I was eager to give.

When I met you I was a freshman.

When I met you I believed in true love.

When I met you I saw pure perfection and adored every last detail.

When I met you I didn't mind sharing over two years of my life...

When I met you I had hoped for much more..


"Silly girl, hasn't anyone told you love is blind?"

I gave all I had and trusted with all I could.


You fed me lies and I swallowed them whole.

Anything to hang on to my sweet love

Anything to make you see me how I saw you.


When I caught a glimpse of the horror

When I caught a glimpse of the truth..


I shielded my eyes to protect my heart 


Blame is a sick thing

Love is a blind fool

Truth is a brutal slap


When I saw you, my world was upside down

When I saw you I felt a sick emptiness 

When I saw you, weight wasnt the only thing going down

When I saw you, I was empty


How can things change overnight 

How can something so sweet end so sick


I still believe in Love

I still forgive

I still hurt


But there is no such thing as coincidences 


I am empty but who says thats bad


we all have trash to take out and an empty clean trashcan is much better

than a rotting mess.


what I was blind to is now swooping in in an abundance


When I lost you I hurt

When I lost you I sobbed

When I lost you I saw you

When I lost you I found myself. 

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