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Wed, 11/04/2015 - 10:45 -- rasen58

I am,

I am a thing,

I am a thing that you can see

But can you understand? Can you really know?

What makes me beat inside? What makes me feel alive?


There's only one thing I can tell you:

That I don't even fully understand all the parts of me

I don't even know why I keep doing this.

So let's start out small,


First things first - I like apple pie

So sweet and good, it makes me

Then comes the technology

I will program the robots, and the world


But I also like the words that I write

The words that I feel

The power to express

What makes me


But what do my friends say?

I think they agree that think I'm a thing called a "troll"

But no, I say, that isn't true at all…. Or is it?

Who knows? Not me, said I


But no matter what I forget or do, there's always one thing

One thing that keeps me true

That is my desires

My desires are what guide me so


My ultimatum to invent for the world

To create the future, the magic of tomorrow

Through the power I cultivate, through the power I awaken

The power I help share


But I'm still discovering myself every day-

And I'll keep you in mind as I learn and grow

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