Find Me

I am freedom,

that many will never feel.

I am love,

that many will never know.

I am a heart,

who's beat may never be heard.

My wind will never brush their faces.

My rain will never soak their mind.

They will never understand my deep, dark home with a peaceful atmosphere.


I am oppression,

that many people feel.

I am anger,

that many people know.

I am knives,

Who's blades cut and scratch.

My flame will burn their smiles.

My soldiers will destroy their homes.

They will understand my painful, sinful use with black intentions.


Many see me as a rally call.

A live or die

A freedom or oppression

A war or peace


But to those who find me.

I am a world,

filled with inumerable possiblilties.

I am a light,

that carries them from harm.

I am a home,

that protects them from the harm of others.

My wings hold them close.

My arms warm their souls.

They know that I can be a tool or a weapon.


I am...



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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