Find It, It's There

As time passes by

I sit and wonder

What could life be like yonder

What goes wrong and what goes bad

Think about it, people do get sad


Times get hard

Trust me I know

But understand this

Life must continue to flow

Find It, It's There


Sitting wondering will it get better

Yes Yes Yes

No No No

Back and forth feelings take over

Find it, It's There


What is next?

Questions still being asked

Think about it, is this it

No, yes, the mind can't seem to make itself up

Find it, It's There


It is hard to follow the heart

When the mind goes a different way

The decision has to be made

At this point, it does not matter what people say

Find It, It's There


Talk to a friend

Go for a walk

Walk the dog

Get guidance from your family

Find It, It's There


I leave you with this

Whatever you do, say, or make of it

Just know one thing

Life is full of suprises, so think about the right thing to do

Find It, It's There

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