Find the beauty.

Go to the store and get eggs, cheese,tissue, and a quart of juice
If we are going to make it through the week we must spend wisely
So I'm counting on you
Eggs, cheese, tissue, and a quart of juice
Praying I find an extra dollar because there's always someone trying to get over on the youth
Not my extra 25 cent
Rent is due
I got someone counting on me
So I'm counting this through
Math teacher might not have seen all my potential, but I paid attention in school
"I gave you ten dollars papi "
Eggs, cheese, tissue , and a quart of juice
This is for my family so I don't have one cent to lose
I got someone who's counting on me
So cough up my 15 cents I'm missing
Any extra I'm using to pay my college tuition

Momma ain't raise no fool
She's as awesome as it gets
Got two college girls in school
Single mother making her living in helping her children find the patience

In a place where so many dreams are taken.

If sad, she will cheer you up
If lost, she will guide you
If hurt, she will protect you
If hungry, she will feed you
Not only physically but mentally
Then she will show you how to feed yourself and tell you why you should help feed the world.

There is no word that describes "awesome" more than someone who motivates you 24/7
In the darkest hour
Someone who finds the light and gives you power.

My angel on earth is counting on me to help her fly over the horizons of depressing times.
And Create a path with the skyline encouraging all people to help one another fly.
Someone's counting on you.
So put away your fears and fly.

Find the beauty in disguise. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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